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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who are you keeping Company with?

Are you soaring with eagles or running with chickens?

Eagles soar in the sky with wings majestically afloat. Their gracious movements mesmerizes the sense of sight. If only I could be up there soaring with them. I remember someone once said if an eagle gets injured, other eagles from the convocation come to his aid. They will swoop down and constantly bump the injured one. They are persistent in their movement as if to say, come on get up, your place is not down here. Eagles are not meant to walk the earth but soar in the heavens.

Chickens on the other hand were meant to walk the earth. Yea, I've seen a rooster or two hanging out in a tree. I don't think that is their natural dwelling place. Instead they are more adept on the ground and their flight is a short one.

I don't know about you but, I want to soar with the eagles. I want to know if I am injured, those around me will care enough to come to my aid with encouragement to get up and back where I belong. So I ask again, are you soaring with eagles or running with chickens?

I am associated with an awesome company called Scentsy. I say that Scentsy found me, not me finding them. Scentsy was listed #19 in Inc. 500 fastest growing, privately held companies. They are #3 in annual revenues and #1 in products! Six years ago owners, Heidi & Orville Thompson were $700K in debt. Today, they co-own a $500M company!

With Scentsy, dreams do come true! What are you dreaming? I am an eagle in the convocation ...let me help you make it happen!


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