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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bend In The Road...

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn." This quote is from my niece, Juvita Hazel.

I was going down life's highway in April of 2009, when all of a sudden I came up against a very sharp unexpected turn which threw me off the main course. The sudden turn was being laid off from my job of 7 years. Wow, talking about being flipped upside down! I was in a daze and in shock of what had happened. I needed to access the damages and figure out what needed to be done to get back on life's highway again.

I was badly injured, so I needed some time for therapy. Everyone said, "take it slow, you've just been through a traumatic experience". So I took their advice and did exactly that.

Five months prior to my unfortunate turn in life, I came across Scentsy. A co-worker was having a show and invited me. I didn't attend she show but she put me in touch with the Consultant who was also a co-worker. I started looking through the catalog and smelling the fragrance samples. Before I knew what hit me, I could say, I fell in love. My order totaled almost $150, but before I could truly say I was finished, I said "let me ensure I haven't missed anything." I turned to the last page and saw something about joining Scentsy. I asked the Consultant if that's all it took was $99 to become a Consultant. She replied yes and with that I told her to cancel my order and sign me up instead. My thought process was to cut out the middle man - my co-worker, the Consultant and be my own customer. Mind you, I never wanted or planned to sell Scentsy to anyone else but myself. So Christmas came around and as promised I sold it to myself for Christmas gift giving. Everyone on my list received Scentsy

It is now Summer 2009 and I was spending most of my time in my garden. That is my place of solace. I would spend hours there; just me nature and God. The end of the Summer was soon growing near. I received a notice from Scentsy that said I was being placed on the inactive list due to what else, inactivity. Of course I was inactive, I did not plan to sell it. I shared this news with my husband and his answer was "you might as well sell it, you don't have anything else to do."

I sat at my desk and devised a plan, I would be my own Hostess and have a show at my house. I created a list of 40 people I knew and sent out invitations. Knowing the norm is to have 50% of those invited to show up, I planned for 20 to attend. The day of my show 10 of my friends showed up along with 3 guests of friends. I gave my spiel and shared my experience with Scentsy. I was not below begging for future business and asked for others to do likewise and have shows also. My sales that day was over $800 and 9 shows booked. I was ecstatic.

For the next few months I continued to share Scentsy with family and friends. It is now November and my Director was visiting from Oklahoma. She said it was important to put faces to the names of everyone on her team. While hear she kept telling me that if I don't watch out I was going to be promoted to Director also. I had given it previous thought but was not working toward this goal. I was just going about my business selling Scentsy. Low and behold a week later I was promoted to Director. While being excited, I remember fussing at my husband. You see, it was his brainy idea to sell Scentsy since according to him, "I had nothing better to do." I can remember saying to him, "I knew this would happen". You see, in a two month time-frame my team went from 3 to 20 people joining us in selling Scentsy.

The unexpected bend in my life's highway has brought me to the road I am currently on. I am truly grateful for having found Scentsy before my unexpected turn in life. Now I'm on the Scentsy highway. I don't know what's waiting for me around the next bend but at this very moment, I sure am enjoying the ride.

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