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Thursday, August 26, 2010

“Say Thank You” Thursday

Say a simple “thank you” today to people who have touched your life.

• Write a nice note on the back of your restaurant bill for your waitperson.

• Call your friend to say thanks for their support

• Invite a friend to go on a walk and tell them how their friendship has changed your life.

• Email a coworker who has helped you in your career and tell them what their support has meant to you.

• Post a short gratitude list on your Facebook wall, or post something nice on someone else’s wall.

• Send a kind note or email to another Consultant you don’t know well.

• Have a family thank you note evening! Make homemade thank you cards with your children, and send them to those you care about “just because.”

• Send thank you notes to members of the military stationed overseas. Have your children color pictures and send them, too.

• Cut out ten hearts and leave them on ten cars in your neighborhood.

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