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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super Woman

Wow, has it been a busy few weeks...and the Holidays are not even here yet! What will I do then? I need to get a hold of myself and prioritize.

New products, book shows, need to share, need to learn, life, family... Calgon take me way! OK, I'm taking a deep breath. I can do this. Make a list, check my list, add more and more to the list...stop the madness. Do you ever feel this way. Seems like things are just, well, a little chaotic?

I know there is a quote in the bible, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Who said I need to do all thing? Should it say "I can do the things I can do?" I cannot do all thing or be all things, only try my best to accomplish what I can. Gotta tell myself this or you'll be visiting me in the padded cell. Why do I feel like I need to be super woman? Who told me that? I never heard it from my Mom. It was never taught to me in school. Where did I get this idea from? Hmm...

Need to go back to simpler times. Maybe not simpler times, just the time when I was in more control of things. Let's see, what time was that and what did I do then?

I was 40 and going to college for the first time. I wanted to become a chef and thought I would make it happen. How did I do it? My neighbor and friend Mary Jett who is in the HR field shared some good advice with me. She said she uses a day planner, writes down what has to be accomplished daily. At the end of her day (laying in bed) she reviews the day that was at hand. She would ask herself if all was accomplished. What came next blew me away. Hold on to your seat, this will shock you. Whatever was not accomplish was put on the next day's to-do list. Can you believe that? Put off for the next day? Believe it or not this got me through and I even finished an 18 month program in 15 month and graduated with honors.

I don't know about you, but I really needed this! If it worked then, it will sure work now!

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